Our Gold is Real

Unveiling the Authenticity

Here are the facts. We believe in transparency and trust, and we're committed to sharing some details demonstrating why our gold is truly authentic.

Document 1: Exploration and Resource Estimates

We have meticulously explored and assessed our gold resources to ensure their authenticity and value. Rigorous sampling and drilling processes have been carried out to confirm the presence of genuine gold deposits:

  • In 2016, systematic surface and underground sampling were conducted, yielding a non-compliant resource estimate of gold in a specific area. This process involved careful calculations based on an internationally accredited geologist analysis and various drilling methods.
  • Follow-up drilling by an internationally recognized drilling company in 2019 provided further insights, leading to the calculation of additional gold resources in different zones within the area.

These resource estimates were derived from comprehensive block models, expertly developed using advanced software and extensive data. Some of the key data can be found below:

“The northeast trend of the higher grades may be attributed to hidden fault(s) trending in that direction and intersecting north-trending veins on the hill.

As we see with the blocks greater than 0.2 g with the specific density of 2.25 t/m3 (laterite), 1.7 t/m3 (saprolite), 2.4 t/m3 (altered fresh rock); we got a total volume of 6,922,217 bcm, 14,064,420 tons at 0.73 g, giving 330,000 ounces. The author believes that this estimate is very optimistic as much of this area (only 0.3 square km) does not have enough close-spaced drilling (25-meter spacing) to make this conclusion. Although this is a non-compliant number, The author believes that if the drilling in this area is made to a 25-meter spacing along the Northeast-trending faults and the expected northeast-trending faults are present in the North under the laterite, more vein intersections could occur, pushing the resource potential above 1,000,000 ounces.”

Our approach ensured accuracy and integrity in confirming the presence of real gold.

Document 2: Joint Venture Agreement

We have established strategic partnerships to enhance the credibility of our gold sourcing and mining operations:

  • Our organization has entered into a strategic Joint Venture Agreement with an Expert Gold Mining Company which has been in operation for over 35 years, to secure our gold mining operations and to ensure that our ability to acquire gold is not dependent on us seeking to purchase gold for sale on the open market. This partnership is built on a foundation of long-term engagements between the parties that facilitated the existent trust and expertise.
  • The Joint Venture Agreement outlines the commitment of both parties to contribute their unique strengths to the projects. Our organization brings blockchain-based solutions, while the Gold Mining Company contributes its mining expertise and strong native ties to the minds targeted for exploitation.

Through these collaborations, we're ensuring that our gold sourcing and extraction processes adhere to the highest standards of authenticity and ethical practices.

Transparency and Accountability

Our commitment to authenticity goes beyond the physical gold itself. We understand the importance of transparent communication with our customers. If you have any questions about our gold sourcing, extraction methods, or partnerships, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated team. We're here to provide the information you need to feel confident in your acquisitions.

We stand by the authenticity of our gold coin, backed by thorough exploration, advanced technology, and strategic partnerships. Your trust is our priority, and we're excited to offer you a genuine commodity.